Angels Among Us

There are good people everywhere.  In one of our Integrity Healthcare Communities, we have a husband and wife team at work.  Recently, their furnace stopped working, and because they have a small child, they knew they had to get it fixed.  Money was tight, so they shopped around until they found a repairman who would fix it for $500. The repairman required half the money as a down payment; he would fix the furnace; and he would accept the remaining half in payments over time.

Our hard-working mom and dad pulled together the down payment.  Dad went to the repair shop to make that payment. The clerk told him what he owed, and he was very surprised to find that he owed much less than he had been quoted. Why?

It seems that someone had already been by the shop and made a payment of $300.  When he asked who that good person was, he was told by the clerk that they had been asked not to share a name or a description.  They simply made the payment and left the shop.

Silent charity.  Good will.  Angels among us!