Thursday Thoughts about Doris

One of the little ladies who lives at Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale calls me “Doris”.  I am “Debbie”. Doris was my mother.  Another resident at the facility knows me and knew my mother, so he corrected this little lady the other day telling her that I was Doris’ daughter.  She waved her hand at him as if to tell him that he was wrong.  I do look a little like my mother.

My little lady friend told me that I was always good to her at church and she appreciated it.  She was talking about my mother who actually passed away ten years ago.  My mother was active in her church and was indeed very good to people, but she spent the last ten years of her life struggling with Alzheimer’s.  So, my new friend is pulling up memories from at least twenty years ago.  How wonderful!

Life is interesting, and as I get older and much wiser, I realize that being like my mother is not a bad thing!  Like practically every woman friend I have, I had teenage spats with my mother;  I argued with her about how to clean my house and take care of my own family;  I fought with her when I had to take her car keys away from her; and I cried with her when it was time to acknowledge that Alzheimer’s took her away from me long before we were ready to give up the fight.

My little lady friend in Carbondale has filled a gap in my soul this holiday season.  As I think about my mother, I’ll be shopping for Doris’ friend who lives right down the hall from my office!

Life is good at Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale!