Home Sweet Home

ruth-jones-2Mrs. Ruth Jones lives at Integrity Healthcare of Ridgway.  She has turned her private room into a beautiful suite, complete with a refrigerator, love seat and her own full sized bed!

Ruth was very well acquainted with the Ridgway facility when she moved in because she had served as our Director of Nursing in the early 1990s!  She started her career at the facility as a CNA, and at the age 39, she decided to go back to school to get her degree in nursing.  She accomplished that, obtained her license and began a new career as a nurse.

Mrs. Jones worked at both Pearce Hospital and Ferrell Hospital in Eldorado. After she obtained her RN degree, she returned to our Ridgway facility and became the Director of Nursing.  One of our current CNAs, Harriet Collins, worked with Ruth while she was a floor nurse.  Harriet says that Ruth appreciates the work that our CNAs do now, because that is how she started her own career.

Ruth Jones loves Integrity Healthcare of Ridgway.  She placed her own mother in the facility at the end of her life.  Cathy Anderson, the Director of Business Development at the facility, visited with Ruth recently and said that Ruth told her that she loves people and that is why she loved nursing.  Ruth said, “I chose to come here because it felt like coming home.”

Mrs. Jones has 7 children and 5 of them still live nearby.  When they come to visit, they are welcomed into this lovely suite and they feel right at home, too!

Thank you, Mrs. Jones for all your years of service to others!  Thank you for sharing your story! Thank you for being a part of our Integrity family!