Thursday Thoughts about Being Neighborly

There are lots of good things about living in a nursing home.  At the top of the list is the fact that the elderly resident is never isolated. There are scores of activities planned to keep everybody busy. Even the residents who might not be physically able to participate, still get one on one visits in their rooms.  Often, an activities staff person reads to them, shares the morning news with them or just makes sure to visit and talk with them … even if the conversation is one-sided.

During this holiday season, the elderly who still live in their homes typically experience isolation.

According to data released by Merck Sharp & Dohme, 29% of the 46 million elderly in the United States are living alone. By the time they reach their 80s, that number rises to 70%.  Living alone can be unpleasant.

During this holiday season, most of us are prone to focus on memories, regardless of our age. Times past and loved ones lost bring back pleasant memories, but those memories can also prompt depression and an elevated level of isolation.  Now, more than ever, is the time to check on elderly friends and neighbors. We should actually do that all year long, so let’s make this a good time to begin a new ritual of being more neighborly. All you have to do is deliver warm words and friendly conversation, but adding a box of groceries, homemade cookies or a bag of fresh fruit to that delivery will make it even more meaningful.

Dr. Steven Covey is an American educator, author and inspirational speaker.  His top-selling book about making oneself successful ignores pop psychology and current trends.  Instead, he focuses on long proven principles of fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity.  Covey says, “To touch the soul of another human is to walk on holy ground.”

At Integrity Healthcare Communities, we strive to practice those principles all the time.  We are Integrity.  We know that when our staff are off their jobs, they will be visiting their neighbors, touching souls and providing the same loving care that they practice every single day in our facilities.

You can do that, too!  You will enjoy the holidays more, by reaching out and sharing with others.


The sweet hands pictured with our post belong to Grandma Phalin and one of her grand kids. 

Pictured here are Tana Cummins and her Grandmother Phalin. Mrs. Phalin and her husband both live at Integrity Healthcare of Anna. They are visited daily by their children, grandchildren … great-grands and a sweet little great-great granddaughter!  They are always touching souls!