Courage-Bound Journeys

ZOOM!  Revved Up Rehab!

Our accelerated rehabilitation program is filled with wonderful success stories.  We are thrilled with our staff and the important work they do to improve the lives of your loved ones.

One of our stories is about brave Nelda who, because of several medical issues, could no longer stand without assistance. She couldn’t take steps when she did stand.  After a couple months in our ZOOM! program, she left the facility to return to her home. She was walking. Her appreciation was heartfelt, but more importantly, her willingness and stamina to continue her daily regimen said a lot about her character!  She was determined!  So were we.

Another success story is about sweet Joann. She entered a facility with a broken vertebra and was in horrendous pain. Her goal was to get back in good shape and go back home. She reached that goal in just a few weeks, and now she returns to the facility to visit her newly made friends! We made a new friend, too.

Charlie came in to one of our facilities for short-term rehab and was really sad that he would miss his Friday morning breakfasts with his buddies. We just invited his friends to visit each Friday, and we fed them breakfast!  We aim to please.

Nina fell in her apartment at a nearby assisted living center and fractured her wrist. She spent a little time with us, determined to go back home as soon as she could!  A couple weeks later, she was on her way!  We miss her.

Marilyn said she couldn’t have chosen a better place for her accelerated rehabilitation. Nelda said she was thrilled with the care she received.  Integrity staff cried when Mr. and Mrs. Conaway left the facility after spending time in rehabilitation. An automobile accident had spared their lives, but left them unable to do anything for themselves.  We fixed that.

Mr. Ervin just moved from an Integrity facility to his own assisted living apartment. He thought that would never be possible, having spent seven years in nursing homes because he was a double amputee.  He said he felt like he was going to “wake up from a dream” … that it was “unreal” that he was moving to an apartment.  “There’s a difference between existing and living,” is what he told the staff as he exclaimed, “I’m going to LIVE!”   Yes, he is, because we provide Care You Can Trust.

Life hits us hard sometimes, but at Integrity Healthcare Communities, we like to help you hit back! We have an excellent accelerated therapy program, but we work diligently in all ways to help build courage and self-esteem. As we age, it is easy to be more defensive and less secure. Our self-concept can change because, as we experience life, we experience hurt. Our goal is to provide care that is filled with love and blended with motivation and kindness. These journeys are indeed, courage-bound and it is our responsibility to do everything we can do … to help build that personal strength to keep going.  We do it because …We are Integrity!  We provide Care You Can Trust!