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IHC of Alton is situated within its own little nook in a quiet residential area near Anchor of Hope Fellowship Center.  Although the building is not located directly off the highway, it is just a few minutes from shopping, museums, theatres and world-famous dining.  Visitors are greeted with a beautiful long walk under big trees that shade a lovely fountain and patio, where residents are often found visiting and where we frequently have barbeques!  Residents enjoy a large dining room newly decorated with beautiful furnishings, wall coverings and draperies.  Residents also enjoy solariums, the bird aviary, the cheerful fish tank and an electric fireplace … all amid new flooring, art and furnishings.  We provide a cozy, home-like atmosphere and can accommodate small family gathers in a private dining room or other spaceThe best part of Integrity Healthcare of Alton are the people. Of course, the care provided to the residents is the top priority, and the staff see each individual resident as their own loved one. The nursing staff take pride in their work not only because it is their job, but because they genuinely care about the people whose home we work inwill provide that help.  Compassion instilled deep within is what makes our staff very good at their jobs! We Are Integrity.


Meet Cassie Shaw!  Cassie has been an Activities Assistant for a couple years! She enjoys making the residents happy and she feels that her job is very rewarding. She uses her creative skills in the Activities Department and she enjoys sewing and crafting.  Cassie has a very positive personality, and she enjoys sharing that with other people. When not on the job, Cassie spends time with her family and friends!

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