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I spent three years in the care of Integrity Healthcare of Belleville.  During that time, I served as the Resident Council President. I had a very interesting stay, and I learned a lot of things about people.

When you are sick and need to be in rehab, it is good to get help.  I learned that some people have different problems than others.  I had a good time doing activities, doing exercises and bowling.  I am so good at Bowling … on one can beat me!

I also became the queen for a year and I learned to respect others.  I love all the staff. The Director of Nursing, Kenya, and I became close.  My guy, Dave … he is the best!  He taught me how to read my blood sugar and how many doses of medicine to draw up in my pen to give myself my shot.  The therapy staff were magnificent.  With their help and God’s, I’m walking and being independent again.  I am so thankful.

I got to know the residents, too.  May God bless them.  I had experiences with the different churches that visit here.  The kitchen staff here are wonderful people. I will miss them all.

I enjoyed all the special functions.  There was never a dull day.  The parties we had were wonderful.  I enjoyed dressing up like we were going to prom. The Christmas party was great and Christmas in July was great, too.

I will miss all my friends at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville.


Submitted by Carletta Hill, 5/2018

Rosemary Loves Children

Growing up, Rosemary was the youngest of 9 children and very spoiled.  She grew up just down the road and her early days were occupied by being “in charge” of the family’s hogs and chickens.  As she got older she spent a lot of time taking care of her mother and also her sibling’s children. She starting thinking about taking care of children for her career.   Rosemary lost 3 very young sons due to heart conditions.  She feels those life changing events really focused her interest to start working in early childhood to fill a void.  She spent years working in various places like St Louis University Daycare and Missouri School for the blind and YMCA latch key program.  She will occasionally still see parents of her former students who would often tell her about the huge impact that she made on them and how they still talk about her to this day.  This let her know that her mission was successful.

Activities Calendar

Please make sure you take a look at our calendar of daily activities and special events!

Make sure you click the event or “see more” to view the detailed list of activities each day.  You might want to plan a visit around a special event. Often times, your loved one will participate more actively if family members are present.

Did you know that our residents help plan our daily activities?  They sure do and they never hesitate to tell us what they like to do best! We plan several monthly socials with food and beverages … because they like socials!

We begin each day with exercise programs in order to stimulate and energize our big family! Lots of giggles and sometimes groans fill the room as they reach up to stretch their arms and wiggle their fingers!

We invite you to stop by and get involved in what we do! Help us celebrate our daily life!






Children from the Treehut Kids Daycare program visit each week.  They help our residents make craft projects and they also sing with the residents. The inter-generational programming helps us create a sense of community.

Integrity Healthcare of Belleville


RESIDENTS PICTURE FOR MIDWEST 112Visit at mealtime and help deliver your loved one’s meal try to their table. Your company will probably make them eat more.

Visit at the time of activities and encourage your family member’s participation.

Take a favorite book along on your visit and read to your family member.

Write letters or note cards for your loved one. Help them stay in contact with their friends and family. Carry in letters or cards written to them, too.  Help them read those! 

If you take videos of children’s sports activities or school performances, take your computer or iPad on your visit and share that video!

Take along a favorite board game and play with your loved one.                                                                                                                                 

Take a puzzle that you can complete in the length of your visit.

Music is stimulating, so take your iPod or a CD player and play some favorite songs.

If you have a child to take along, take craft projects that all of you can do. Painting sun catchers or stringing bead necklaces would be appropriate.

Use technology to connect with family members.  Take your laptop and Skype so your loved one can have a real time conversation with another family member!

Paint fingernails, brush hair or give hand massages to men and women.

Take your family member on a walk through the facility or outside, and talk about the things you see. Take time to visit the flower beds, bird cage or other focal points.

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