Integrity Healthcare of Belleville – Photo Gallery

Take a look at our happy family!

We are so pleased to share our photographs with you.

Integrity Healthcare Of Belleville


We take plenty of pictures of your loved ones and we want you to have easy access to them.  All you have to do is double click the picture and then “save as” and name the picture file on your own computer.

Even though we are in a digital photography age, many people living in nursing homes today are a from a time when families didn’t always take pictures. Our residents might have a high school graduation picture and a wedding picture, but not many photographs beyond that. We like to share our pictures with our residents, too!

It is sometimes uncomfortable to photograph loved ones in a care center, but it should not be.  Their face tells their own personal story.  Their eyes are the front cover to a book filled with memories that they enjoy sharing. Their smile, even if it is just an attempt at a smile, tells us that they are content with this stage of life.

Photographs are so important. Feel free to print and share the photographs from our gallery.

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