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There are lots of changes underway at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville, including work in the flower beds and on the lawn. Improvements to the front of the building are planned and the dining room is going to be remodeled a little bit.

More importantly however, are changes in the kinds of services provided at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville.  The focus of the facility is moving toward the provision of increased psychosocial services, because of the huge need for this kind of care in today’s society.  This type of treatment evaluates the patient’s psychological needs in relationship to social factors. It is possible that some of our residents have had trouble functioning in relationships, at work, at school or just in a family environment. Those kinds of problems will be addressed, in addition to their medical needs.

While we will have an in-house focus on new styles of training regarding life skills and will have improved counseling services, we are very pleased that we are going to develop intensive outpatient programming.  Partnering with agencies that will be able to provide our residents with additional counseling is at the top of our to-do list. Working with educational programs and special training workshops will allow us to provide more excellent care.

Our primary goal is to provide the very best care for our residents while they are with us.  Then we help them as they leave Integrity Healthcare of Belleville and move into group homes, assisted living centers … or as they begin to live independently. That is Care You Can Trust!


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We are doing lots of yard work these days!  We aren’t just mowing grass or trimming shrubs. We are paying close attention to the value of our outdoor setting because we know how much our residents love to spend time in the fresh air!

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, gardens are back in style and are now being prominently featured in the designs of new hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We already knew this!  We have the space.  We have the plantings, and now we just need to make the patient experience much more enjoyable.

We treasure our sunlight and the fragrance of fresh flowers and lush greenery. We know how exciting it is to watch plants grow from little green specks sticking out of the garden beds into beautiful flowers. These things give our residents a connection to nature. The stillness of the outdoors relieves stress. The softness of plants can help reduce anxiety.

We know that our green space is healing.  It is an important part of our Care You Can Trust!

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You cannot have blah food in a long-term care facility! “Blah” is simply not appealing in any way! Our residents may have diminished appetites and may need additional vitamins to safeguard aging bones, but they still want food that looks good and tastes good.

Our residents have individualized care plans. Our teams of staff look at each person in our care, and they evaluate their specific needs.  If they notice that a resident is losing weight (or gaining too much weight), they will adjust their dietary intake.  Of course, they monitor closely the amounts of food and beverages each resident consumes, and if they aren’t eating or drinking, they assess the problem. Occasionally, that assessment reveals something as simple as the fact that the resident doesn’t like the way some of our food tastes.  Typically, we identify factors that are morecomplicated … but we always address the issues.

We like to lure our residents to our dining rooms with aromas of delicious food cooking away in our kitchen. We like to plate colorful food that glistens and whets their appetites. The last step, for us, is to serve food that is deliciously savory and buttery. We want our food to be crispy when it should be and smooth and creamy … when it should be! We like to have popular foods such as pizza or stir-fried vegetables. We like to give ourresidents a choice in menu planning, and comfort food remains their favorite, so at least once a month we have traditional fried chicken with all the fixin’s.

Providing really good food is another way we provide Care You Can Trust!

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