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Never Giving Up!

IMG_1160Katherine “Katie” Shockley was born with Cerebral Palsy. When she was young her doctors told her parents Katie would never walk, drive, get married, have children or be able to work. Over the years with hard work and determination she has held a full time job with government for 35 years, married and had two children and now has many grandchildren. Recently Katie fractured her hip, required rehabilitation and chose Integrity of Columbia for her recovery. Katie received Physical and Occupational therapy focusing on her upper and lower body strengthening, safety measures and regaining her independence. Katie entered Integrity of Columbia dependent on staff for all of her activities of daily living which was not her regular level of functioning. After receiving therapy in-house 5 to 6 days per week and 24 hour skilled nursing care, Katie is now ready to move into her independent living apartment. This setting requires Katie to be independent therefore she must be able to perform all of her own care. Select Therapy Services who worked with her in Integrity of Columbia was able to perform a safety evaluation at Katie’s new home and her therapist will follow her through her adjustment to her new level of independence. We at Integrity of Columbia are very proud of Katie’s success and were privileged to be a part of her recovery process. Katie said her goodbyes to the staff and stated, “If I ever need help again I will be back here, everyone here was so good to me and I will sure miss them.” Congratulations Katie!

pork chopProviding the very best food service is one of the most important things we do at Integrity Healthcare of Columbia. We take nutrition very seriously, but we also want our residents to be happy and content with their meals. That’s why we let them help us choose menus sometimes! That’s why our Chef listens when they ask for special snacks!

Our dining room is really inviting with beautiful vaulted ceilings. We offer special private dining areas for families who want to have events. We watch your loved ones carefully, and when someone is gaining too much weight … or losing weight, we assess the situation.  Sometimes a medical issue might cause appetite problems. Sometimes a little depression will keep someone from eating. We address all their needs and then we adjust their diets accordingly.

Sometimes chocolate mousse is on our menu! But here we feature some good old home cooking!  Pork chops are at the top of the list of comfort foods!

Our Beautiful Private Dining Rooms

When Integrity Healthcare Communities rolled out the new branding for our long-time accelerated therapy services, there was no doubt that the colorful promotions would start working quickly!  IHC began to experience all kinds of success stories and Katie’s story (in the left column) is just one of them!

Zoom!  Zoom! … Revved Up Rehab!  Zoom! is our accelerated therapy program.  After a stroke, after surgery or after a traumatic accident, our therapy program will return your loved one to their home as soon as possible. With highly skilled licensed therapists, we provide physical, occupational and speech therapy, and we work diligently to optimize the outcome for our residents.

Families are often faced with the life-changing challenges that come after a loved one has experienced trauma. Surgeries, auto accidents, falls, strokes, heart attacks or the debilitating effects of cancer … all leave patients with the need to reduce pain while they rebuild strength and mobility.  Zoom! puts that process on the fast track!

ZOOM! Revved Up Rehab has brought several short-time residents to Integrity Healthcare of Columbia.  We are thrilled to be able to share another story! Just drop down below our moving bar and read about Mrs. Brightwell.

Integrity Healthcare of Columbia

It Takes Courage!

When Ms. Nelda Brightwell came to Integrity Healthcare of Columbia, she was nervous but more determined than anything. She had never been to a nursing care facility before, and was wanting to return home as quickly as possible; but more importantly getting there by walking again.

Nelda had her first day of physical therapy. The therapy team evaluated her, with her baseline being that she would require assistance to stand and to sit, as well as not being able to move around once she was standing.  At that time, Nelda was unable to walk … even with the assistance of a wheeled walker.

Now, Nelda knew shehad a lot of work ahead of her, but that was not going to stop her nor get in the way of her therapy assistants, Karen and Steve. These two were Nelda’s rocks; they pushed her … to push herself, because they knew how important it was for Nelda to get back home. The program started with the parallel bars; this was important to get her legs going to begin the process. They worked up to the Omnicycle and Nustep therapy machines for strengthening, and they utilized the Diathermy machine, to decrease any pain and inflammation that was caused by the daily workouts; and in no time, she was going up and down steps during her therapy.

Bret Berghoefer, our therapy director, had this to say about Ms. Brightwell, “Her recovery was faster than expected due to her hard work, the fast-paced therapy sessions, and the use of our state of the art therapeutic equipment.”

Nelda had completed her physical therapy in 50 days.  She was able to return home. She was elated, but was more grateful than anything.

This is what Ms. Nelda had to say about our facility and staff, “This therapy department, at Integrity Healthcare of Columbia, has changed my Life. I am proud of myself, but I am even more proud of the efforts by the staff members. I am going up and down steps now by myself, and that is something that I have never done before. I also want to thank not only the therapy staff, but the nursing staff as well; they are extremely helpful and hard working. I was very fortunate to have had such great nursing care. When I first came to this facility for rehab, I could not stand on my right leg, and now I can walk up steps with both. I am forever grateful.”

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