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Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey has this fantastic piece of equipment that has a fall-safe design and assists therapists with balance, pre-gait and standing tolerance exercises.

This dynamic support system allows our therapists to challenge our residents in new ways.

The OmniStand provides adjustable, dynamic sway to challenge patients beyond static frames, while keeping them safely supported. Therapists have the freedom to work with patients one-on-one to provide effective and progressive balance training, instead of focusing primarily on keeping the patient upright.



Take a Look at Our Peaceful Patio

We do lots of yard work!  We aren’t just mowing grass, trimming shrubs or raking leaves. We are paying close attention to the value of our outdoor setting because we know how much our residents love to spend time in the fresh air!

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, gardens are back in style and are now being prominently featured in the designs of new hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We already knew this!  We have the space.  We have the plantings, and we keep our patio looking beautiful so our residents can enjoy this special place!

We enjoy our shade trees and the fragrance of fresh flowers. We know how exciting it is to watch plants grow from little green specks sticking out of the garden pots into beautiful flowers. These things give our residents a connection to nature. The stillness of the outdoors relieves stress. The softness of plants can help reduce anxiety.

Spring plantings, summer blooms or autumn falling leaves … we know that our green space is healing.  It is an important part of our Care You Can Trust!

ZOOM!  Revved Up Rehab is our special accelerated rehabilitation program.  When we have residents who come in after surgery, a stroke or another traumatic experience … we can put them on the fast track and get them back home quickly.  Our licensed therapists offer physical, occupational and speech therapy.  They evaluate each patient and set goals and work diligently to reach, or better yet … surpass those goals!  We always hate to say “good bye”, but we know our residents want to go back home!

ZOOM! Success Stories

ZOOM! Revved Up Rehab! the staff recently said goodbye to another one of our success stories!  Mr. Morgan came in for rehabilitation and returned home pretty promptly!  We miss you, Mr. Morgan!

Staff are pictured with Mr. Robert Whitten, one of our success stories at Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey!  Mr Whitten  came in to have rehabilitation and in now he is back home.  We miss you!

Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey

We’ve added ZOOMERCISE! to our daily exercise programming in our Integrity Healthcare Communities!  Spinning off our very successful “ZOOM! Revved Up Rehab” program, we’ve created an enhanced daily program for our long term residents!

In our patient centered care plans, we make sure that every single resident has something specifically for them in our ZOOMERCISE! group!  Every resident is different, so if all they can do is squeeze a stress ball, that is what we help them do … but if they are capable of doing side circles with their arms, then that’s what we do! We engage our residents as we provide individualized Care You Can Trust!

The quality of our food service is very important. Our residents may have diminished appetites and may need additional vitamins to safeguard aging bones, but they still want food that looks good and tastes good.

Our residents have individualized care plans. Our teams of staff look at each person in our care, and they evaluate their specific needs.  If they notice that a resident is losing weight (or gaining too much weight), they will adjust their dietary intake.  Of course, they monitor closely the amounts of food and beverages each resident consumes, and if they aren’t eating or drinking, they assess the problem. Occasionally, that assessment reveals something as simple as the fact that the resident doesn’t like the way some of our food tastes.  Typically, we identify factors that are more complicated … but we always address the issues.

We like to lure our residents to our dining rooms with aromas of delicious food cooking away in our kitchen. We like to plate colorful food that glistens and whets their appetites. The last step, for us, is to serve food that is delicious!

We like to have popular foods such as pizza or stir-fried vegetables. We like to give our residents a choice in menu planning, and comfort food remains their favorite. Gravy over mashed potatoes is at the top of their list!

Providing really good food is another way we provide Care You Can Trust!

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