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Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey – Location

Our Administrator, Wanda Ritchie, has 25 years of experience in long term healthcare.  She began her career as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. She advanced to Activity Director and on to Social Services Director, prior to taking the position of Administrator.

When asked why she enjoyed long term care, Wanda’s answer was wonderful.  She said, “I truly love people in general, so to have the privilege to make someone smile when it has been a bad day; to make someone feel safe when they are insecure about their placement; to make someone know how important they are when they think no one is listening … and assisting with all the little things in between that are actually big things to all the residents and families whose paths I have crossed … It is the most amazing gratification any one person can experience. I leave each day smiling, because I know that I have made someone happy.”

Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey is a 68-bed facility that offers a full continuum of services and care focused around each individual resident.  Our patient centered care plans are individualized and we successfully treat the variety of issues facing our geriatric population. Integrity staff proclaim that their ZOOM! Revved Up Rehab program is amazing! It consists of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies provided by and supported by loving, well-trained licensed therapists.

Our Staff Work With Their Hearts

Our facility is located right next to an elementary school in a residential neighborhood. Close proximity to the school makes it easy for the children to visit and sing and perform for the residents on a regular basis. Nearby churches send volunteers to visit with residents and provide worship services.

Visitors to the facility are greeted by a big fountain which is nicely landscaped. The unique Swiss Chalet A-frame architecture of the facility is inviting. Everything about Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey is inviting! Wanda says that her staff listen to the residents and show their respect for each other, for the residents and for their families.  She added that staff work with their hearts to make sure everyone is well cared for. The staff function like a happy family. They treat the residents like they are family members and engage them in planning daily activities and let them choose a special “meal of the month”.  Volunteers and visitors are well-known and made to feel like they, too, are family members.  We Are Integrity is a perfect motto for this group of dedicated people!

Chrystal K. Brown is the Director of Nursing at our facility.  She started her career twenty-five years ago as a CNA, then went to school for nursing.  Her 22-year nursing experience includes nursing homes, hospitals, working with developmentally delayed adults and occupational healthcare.  Having frequently been called upon to take care of her own family members after surgeries or injuries, there was no wonder that Crystal found her calling to be a nurse.

Crystal says the care team at IHC Godfrey is excellent.  They work together to ensure that all the residents’ needs are met. They take time to get to know families and they work extra time when needed. Crystal praises Administrator Ritchie, because she leads by example.  She values all our employees and recognizes their efforts with words of praise. “Wanda helps where it is needed, including doing things like cleaning gutters,” according to Crystal.

“Our team at Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey goes above and beyond to provide excellent care to our residents,” added Crystal.  With regular volunteer support helping with activities, painting and gardening … and families who spend a great deal of time in the facility … “Home Away from Home” has become the motto of Crystal’s nursing team!


Integrity Healthcare of Alton

Our Communities

Susan Kircher is the MDS Coordinator at Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey. Susan has been a Registered Nurse for 34 years. That’s experience, and Susan is the perfect person to lead the team in monitoring and assessing the quality of care provided to the residents.  Susan is detail oriented, organized, a good leader and especially committed to making certain that everything possible is done to provide excellent care and comfort for residents.

When Susan isn’t working in the facility, she is enjoying her family that includes 5 grandchildren! She enjoys reading and raising chickens!

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