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You cannot have blah food in a long-term care facility! “Blah” is simply not appealing in any way! Our residents may have diminished appetites and may need additional vitamins to safeguard aging bones, but they still want food that looks good and tastes good.

Our residents have individualized care plans. Our teams of staff look at each person in our care, and they evaluate their specific needs.  If they notice that a resident is losing weight (or gaining too much weight), they will adjust their dietary intake.  Of course, they monitor closely the amounts of food and beverages each resident consumes, and if they aren’t eating or drinking, they assess the problem. Occasionally, that assessment reveals something as simple as the fact that the resident doesn’t like the way some of our food tastes.  Typically, we identify factors that are more complicated … but we always address the issues.

We like to lure our residents to our dining rooms with aromas of delicious food cooking away in our kitchen. We like to plate colorful food that glistens and whets their appetites. The last step, for us, is to serve food that is deliciously savory and buttery. We want our food to be crispy when it should be and smooth and creamy … when it should be! We like to have popular foods such as pizza or stir-fried vegetables. We like to give our residents a choice in menu planning, and comfort food remains their favorite!

We never ignore the ‘sweet tooth’ either! Who doesn’t love homemade cookies?  We all do and sometimes our residents pitch in and help create these yummy treats to share!

Providing really good food is another way we provide Care You Can Trust!


Our residents enjoy taking outings and this summer was the perfect time to visit the St. Louis Zoo!  There are many reasons why we program outings in our daily activities. We know that residents who are able to visit outside locations benefit from the community interaction.  We want to promote increased engagement with our other residents and know that it is important to encourage friendships.

Outings help increase self-esteem, while decreasing restlessness that living in a facility might generate. Outings offer a pleasant diversion from the typical daily routine. Outings offer plenty of opportunities for sensory stimulation … sounds, smells, tasting foods from restaurants or snack shops!

The best part for our residents might be the fact that they have an opportunity to talk for days about the fun they had. They will share the details of their experience with those who were not able to go along!  That is the kind of engagement and friendship we like to see at Integrity Healthcare of Smithton!  Care you Can Trust!

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PET THERAPYWe have introduced pet therapy at most Integrity Healthcare Facilities, and it is very popular at Smithton!  Besides the fact that it is just ‘plain fun’ to have dogs visit the facility, animals provide many benefits to the mental health of our residents.  There is nothing better than a ‘wagging tail’ to relieve isolation, depression and boredom!

There are many studies that reveal that interaction with animals, especially the time taken to talk to and pet a dog or cat, can lower blood pressure and calm us.  The pets used in therapy don’t have to have four legs, either! Birds in beautiful aviaries have similar calming effects.

Some of our pet trainers take time to engage our residents in a variety of activities including feeding, petting and grooming the animals.  Reminiscence begins as residents recall their own previous pets and they often tell stories about their children and pets! Over time, the pet therapy influences a resident’s behavior and stories turn into conversations that continue to get longer! Engagement with other residents is often the end product.  We love our pets and they help us provide Care You Can Trust!

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