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Integrity Healthcare of Wood river has this fantastic piece of equipment that has a fall-safe design and assists therapists with balance, pre-gait and standing tolerance exercises.

This dynamic support system allows our therapists to challenge our residents in new ways

The OmniStand provides adjustable, dynamic sway to challenge patients beyond static frames, while keeping them safely supported. Therapists have the freedom to work with patients one-on-one to provide effective and progressive balance training, instead of focusing primarily on keeping the patient upright.

Take a look at this video to see how impressive this equipment is and just imagine the ways it is improving our Care You Can Trust!

There is More than BINGO to our Activities Program!

Our Activities Team members do more than play bingo and help residents work puzzles! Their job is essential to everyday life at Integrity Healthcare of Wood River. They go above and beyond what is expected.  They keep families involved and informed about their loved ones. They share joy and excitement.  Call each one “the life of the party”, but realize that they quickly go from cheering to consoling as they engage our residents and improve quality of life.

National Activities Professionals Week is a time when we especially celebrate our Activities Team. Teresa Tharp is our Director. Jurea Melton and Cheryl Dossett are Activity Aides.  We celebrated and thanked them with special gifts to show our appreciation.

Zoom!  Zoom! … Revved Up Rehab!  Zoom! is our accelerated therapy program.  After a stroke, after surgery or after a traumatic accident, our therapy program will return your loved one to their home as soon as possible. With highly skilled licensed therapists, we provide physical, occupational and speech therapy, and we work diligently to optimize the outcome for our residents.

Families are often faced with the life-changing challenges that come after a loved one has experienced trauma. Surgeries, auto accidents, falls, strokes, heart attacks or the debilitating effects of cancer … all leave patients with the need to reduce pain while they rebuild strength and mobility.  Zoom! puts that process on the fast track!

Read Marilyn's Testimonial!

Morell, Marilyn“No one expects to have to go for rehab, but Integrity Healthcare of Wood River has made my short-term rehab as painless as possible!

The therapy department was friendly, knowledgeable, and always provided encouragement to help me reach my goals. The nursing staff provided quality care, which kept my husband at ease knowing I was in great hands.

I could not have chosen a better place for my rehab…”

– Marilyn Morell, From Wood River

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