Reaching Out

Jerry had lived in Integrity Healthcare for several years.  He was a small man, who over time, developed behavioral issues that were sometimes a little hard for the staff to deal with.  He didn’t deliberately bother other residents.  He didn’t deliberately cause problems with staff.  He ate his meals and generally took his medication and cooperated with his care team.

Jerry wouldn’t communicate in positive ways, however.  His conversations were harsh.  He noisily asked the same questions over and over.  He never touched other people, but more importantly, he didn’t want anybody touching him.  One wrong move and he became agitated and difficult to control.

Sleep became Jerry’s favorite pastime.  He would sleep in his room or on the sofa in the family greeting area of the facility. He didn’t want to be bothered.

Finally, Jerry’s care team made the hard decision that he would be better served by a level of care available at a sister facility and he moved to a new home.  The staff worried and hoped for the best for Jerry.

A couple weeks later, one of the employees from Jerry’s first Integrity home visited his new Integrity home.  She approached Jerry cautiously and greeted him.  He smiled and reached out and grabbed her hand and shook it for a long time!  He said hello … and she cried!

We are Integrity.  We are Care You Can Trust.