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The range of nursing services provided in our facilities includes medically prescribed treatments, medications, and intravenous therapy. Our skilled professionals work to provide restorative care, maintaining the highest possible level of a resident’s physical functioning. We address pain, wounds, respiratory issues, and we make certain that our residents are well-nourished. In order to provide the best care possible, our nursing staff work closely with other leaders of the overall care team.  The team reviews each of the residents and maintains individualized care plans. They continuously review weights and adjust diets accordingly. They discuss the ongoing results of medications, therapy and other treatments.  They address the social needs of the residents and work with social service staff members to make certain that residents are involved.  Our nursing staff work as teams with physicians who visit our facilities on a regular schedule, always assuring that we adhere to doctor’s orders.  Skilled nursing care is a team effort and our teams are the best! We are Integrity.  We are Care You Can Trust.

zoom-transparentZoom!  Zoom! … Revved Up Rehab!  Zoom! is our accelerated therapy program.  After a stroke, after surgery or after a traumatic accident, our therapy program will return your loved one to their home as soon as possible. With highly skilled licensed therapists, we provide physical, occupational and speech therapy, and we work diligently to optimize the outcome for our residents.

Families are often faced with the life-changing challenges that come after a loved one has experienced trauma. Surgeries, auto accidents, falls, strokes, heart attacks or the debilitating effects of cancer … all leave patients with the need to reduce pain while they rebuild strength and mobility.  Zoom! puts that process on the fast track!

At Integrity Healthcare Communities, our therapy teams create a customized plan of care for your loved one.  We create a timeline and set goals.  We strive, not just to reach those goals, but to surpass those goals. Our Revved Up Rehab program includes skilled physical, occupational and speech therapies. Our physical therapists help patients improve muscular strength, balance and the ability to stand and walk safely to reach their highest level of independence. Whether it’s walking around the house or out to the car, our skilled physical therapists will strive to help our resident reach their potential. Our occupational therapists work with patients to help them perform activities of daily living, such as feeding themselves, bathing, dressing, grooming, performing work, homemaking, and enjoying leisure activities. Goals also include the promotion of health and the prevention of injury.  Sometimes just getting dressed is a huge challenge, and our team helps our residents overcome that challenge. Our speech therapists work to rebuild functional communication skills, evaluate and diagnose difficulties in swallowing and provide exercises to improve their overall ability to eat. Other goals include cognitive strategies to increase problem solving skills and the overall independence of your loved one. The therapist will make sure that the brain and the voice are working together, so your family member can ask for what they need and verbally identify what they see.

Trauma effects the body in many ways. The primary goal of Zoom! is to identify all the needs our patient has and to address those needs in the best ways possible. Our case managers will monitor financial needs and help patients maximize their insurance and Medicare benefits. We promise that our Revved Up Rehab program will return your loved one to optimal abilities as quickly as possible.

We are Integrity.  We are Care You Can Trust!

The goal of the care provided through our behavioral health services is to prepare your loved one for discharge to a more independent environment. We deal with a variety of diagnoses including personality disorders and dementia issues, and we address medical needs in combination with behavioral and mental health needs.  Our inpatient communities are home to adults and geriatric residents.  Each resident is served by a team that prepares an individualized care plan.  We focus on reducing anger and stress and engage our residents in music, art and exercise activities. Our team addresses nutritional needs, watching weight gains or losses and adjusting diets accordingly.  Life skills training is a part of the service provided by licensed therapists who also help residents maintain a physically active well-being.  Through healthcare community collaborations, our residents are often moved forward to group homes or independent living centers. We are Integrity.  We are Care You Can Trust.

When the end of life is near and a cure is no longer a possibility, we provide hospice care for your loved one.  With the assistance of partnering agencies, we will provide a safe environment and a pain-free existence.  Our care team becomes an integral part of the overall hospice team. We work together to develop a care plan that manages pain and controls symptoms. We recognize the emotional and spiritual aspects of this final stage of life and work with families, as they approach this critical time. Our care team, trained volunteers and visiting clergy are all available to provide assistance.  We focus on providing comfort and the best possible quality of daily life.  We do our very best to make certain that each day is a good day. We are Integrity.  We are Care You Can Trust.

We’ve added ZOOMERCISE! to our daily exercise programming in our Integrity Healthcare Communities!  Spinning off our very successful “ZOOM! Revved Up Rehab” program, we’ve created an enhanced daily program for our long term residents!

In our patient centered care plans, we make sure that every single resident has something specifically for them in our ZOOMERCISE! group!  Every resident is different, so if all they can do is squeeze a stress ball, that is what we help them do … but if they are capable of doing side circles with their arms, then that’s what we do! We engage our residents as we provide individualized Care You Can Trust!




1. Improve gastrointestinal motility

2. Improve a resident’s everyday living abilities

3. Improve strength, making a resident feel better

4. Reduce pain

5. Improve posture

6. Improve balance and reduce falls

7. Improve cognitive skills

8. Reduce depression

9. Improve feelings of self-value

10. Reduce insomnia

More ZOOM Success Stories!

wood river successZOOM TRANSPARENT

“No one expects to have to go for rehab, but Integrity Healthcare of Wood River has made my short-term rehab as painless as possible!

The therapy department was friendly, knowledgeable, and always provided encouragement to help me reach my goals. The nursing staff provided quality care, which kept my husband at ease knowing I was in great hands.  I could not have chosen a better place for my rehab…”

– Marilyn Morell, From Wood River

Meet Joann Silinzy! Joann is one of our rehabilitSillinzyation success stories at Integrity Healthcare of Anna. She came in  with a broken vertebrae, and lots of pain and weakness. Two weeks later, Joann walked out the door to return home and said that she plans to come in on a regular basis to visit all the new friends she made! Congratulations Joann!  ZOOM!

The staff have reported that they miss Joann! She was sweet and great to work with.  Come back soon … but just to visit!


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Because Alzheimer’s Disease exists in many stages, the specific needs of individuals vary. We provide specialized services to provide safety as we deal with the behavioral and medical needs of the resident.

Wound Care

Wounds can result from surgery, amputations or other traumas. Our wound care services promote healing and prevent future skin complications. We use special mattresses, encourage smoking cessation and assess nutritional needs.

Respite Care

Families who care for an elderly or disabled person in their home often need to arrange short-term care for that individual. We provide respite care and will make certain that your loved one receives scheduled medications, has nutritious meals and snacks, receives social stimulation through activities and receives support with day to day living.

Nutritional Interventions

We strive to resolve nutrition problems by assessing each resident’s specific needs.  Through a collaborative effort with our team of medical professionals, the resident and family members, we will determine the proper method of addressing those needs.  Sometimes medication, lack of exercise or depression can negatively impact appetite. Our residents’ weights are monitored closely and changes are made accordingly. Healthy weights are important.

Activities and Recreation

Integrity communities are filled with daily therapeutic and recreational activities.  We design our activities to build healthy residents. We want to eliminate depression, create energy and develop strength.  Our activities add structure to our daily routine and build new friendships! Recreational activities provide exercise to the body and the mind by providing opportunities for residents to interact with new people and learn about new things.  We play Bingo, because everybody loves Bingo … but we also have musical entertainment, art therapy sessions and movie nights!  We have special events like spa days, book clubs, in-house beauty pageants and the occasional coffee klatch!

Special Services

In addition to excellent medical care, we believe there are many other resident needs that must be met. We offer beauty salon and barber shop services.  We are happy to assist our residents in making appointments for outside medical and dental care, and we will provide transportation to those appointments.  We provide transportation to our group outings.  We have complete laundry service for our residents.  We have access to cable television and offer free Wifi.


Meet our friend, Ralph!  Ralph came to Integrity Healthcare of Anna  because he was experiencing some weakness and was having trouble standing and walking. Our rehabilitation team has been working with Ralph, and he made great progress.  Ralph was with our Anna Community for less than 2 months and was ready to resume his life at home with his family and friends!  Congratulations, Ralph! You are missed!



Susan Gray is an Integrity Healthcare of Alton rehab success story! Susan was admitted to receive therapy and says she loved every opportunity she had to work with the staff because they treated her so well, and they were all determined to help her get stronger and become independent! She made good friends and continues to return just to visit! Job well done!

All our Integrity Communities focus on making certain that our  rehabilitation services are provided as efficiently as possible.  We know everybody wants to go home as soon as they can, so we make that happen!

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