Healthcare with Integrity

Honesty. Ethics. Character.

These are the things that make us Integrity Healthcare Communities. We are Integrity. We are Care You Can Trust.

You will never have to worry about the quality of care your loved one receives, because our teams are dedicated to providing the very best of care to all our residents. Our teams of professionals are part of a very large community of caregivers, residents and families. We train our staff to be sensitive to the needs of our residents and we involve family members in the design of care plans. We want the very best for your loved one, because we know that is what you want, and because it is the right thing to do; always the right thing to do.

C. S. Lewis reminded us that, “Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.” We are always accountable, and you don’t have to watch.

We are Integrity.

Customer Service is our Top Priority

Duty. Courtesy. Value.

These are the words that define our commitment to your loved one. Our customer is a beautiful, wise and loving individual whose care has been assigned to us. We take that seriously and will do all the things possible to make them realize how important they are.

We will be cognizant of their self-esteem, always looking in their eyes and calling them by their name. We will reach out and touch them, hold their hands and pause and talk with them. We will keep their residence clean, feed them well and make certain that they feel safe and secure in their home environment. We will strive to make certain that your loved one is treated with respect and admiration. We will honor their privacy and their wishes.

These are promises we graciously make.

We are Integrity.

Care You Can Trust

Confidence. Faith. Reliance.

These are the things that you can believe as we create a plan to provide the best of care for your loved one. We are Integrity. We are Care You Can Trust.

You can be assured that the care we provide will be excellent in every way. We promise you that we will address therapeutic and medical needs in every way possible. Our skilled nursing staff are empowered to work with our residents and families as they apply their healing touch. Our professional staff works as a team, and they constantly communicate regarding each individual resident. We will focus on emotional and spiritual needs. We will engage your loved one in ways that will insure that social needs are met. They will know that they are loved.

This is our pledge to you.

We are Integrity.

What We Do

Skilled Nursing Care

The range of nursing services provided in our facilities includes medically prescribed treatments, medications, and intravenous therapy. Our skilled professionals work to provide restorative care, maintaining the highest possible level of a resident’s physical functioning. We address pain, wounds, respiratory issues, and we make certain that our residents are well-nourished. Our nursing staff work as teams with physicians who visit our facilities on a regular schedule.

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Accelerated Therapy

Zoom! Zoom … Revved Up Rehab!

Zoom is our accelerated therapy program. After a stroke, after surgery or after a traumatic accident, our therapy program will return your loved one to their home as soon as possible. With highly skilled licensed therapists, we provide physical, occupational and speech therapy and we work diligently to optimize the outcome for our residents.

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Behavioral Health

The goal of the care provided through our behavioral health services is to prepare your loved one for discharge to a group home or to an independent living facility. We deal with a variety of diagnoses including personality disorders and dementia issues and we address medical needs in combination with behavioral and mental health needs.

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Hospice Care

When the end of life is near and a cure is no longer a possibility, we provide hospice care for your loved one. With the assistance of partnering agencies, we will provide a safe environment and a pain-free quality of life. We do our best to make every day a good day.

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Care You Can Trust

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