Integrity Healthcare of Anna

Integrity Healthcare of Anna’s Administrator, Candy Tucker, was a volunteer candy striper when she was a youngster.  She had an early interest in nursing, but she also had a desire to join the military right after high school.  Like many of us, Candy’s career path took a little turn.  Marriage and children came first, but she’s been a nurse since 1990.

Candy has worked in our industry for 25 years and she’s been the Administrator of IHC Anna for the last three years.  She loves what she does, and she loves everything about the Anna location.  She says the building is like home and the staff and residents are just like family.

“Pleasant but stern when necessary” is how Candy describes herself.  She is quick to identify as a leader that never asks her staff to do anything that she wouldn’t or couldn’t do herself.  Her staff agree. They respect her because of those qualities.

“There is a thrill and excitement to this job,” Candy says.   Love is alive in IHC Anna, and it shows through this Administrator, through her staff, and certainly through the residents.  “We respect our residents.  We appreciate their wisdom and their knowledge,” added Candy.  Every family appreciates knowing that.

Integrity Healthcare of Anna is backset with a wooded tree line but is located in a well-groomed residential neighborhood within a half mile of three churches. The downtown business district is less than a mile away from the facility and supports a community that, like many rural towns, is tight knit. People know each other and families support those who need assistance. It would be difficult to employ a staff person who wasn’t known in the community, and that is a very good thing!  Resident families appreciate the fact that friends are taking care of their loved ones. That is Care You Can Trust!

The building has an inviting front porch with plenty of area for sitting and chatting, while enjoying the fresh air. The dining room is the gathering place, and it is common to see groups of residents enjoying coffee and snacks, watching television or participating in the newspaper club each morning. A care team that behaves like one big happy family is what makes Integrity Healthcare of Anna special.  The staff are close and home-town hospitality is abundant.  “Hello, how are ya?” is a common greeting.  A big helping of smiles are served up to each of the residents, families and visitors.  Customer service makes Integrity Healthcare of Anna shine.  Showing respect and dignity is a priority.  We Are Integrity.

Integrity Healthcare of Anna is happy to have Velvet Smith on staff.  Velvet doubles as a CNA and as the Transportation Aide.  Velvet grew up in Pulaski County and lives now in Cairo, Illinois.  She has a bit of a daily jaunt to get to work, but she doesn’t mind because she loves her job.  It shows.

While working in the industry for 20 years, Velvet has been at IHC Anna for just a year.  During that year she has made many friends.  A resident recently told her that she is so well-liked because she treats them like humans.  That has special meaning in a skilled nursing facility where residents often feel alone.  There is no loneliness at this facility because of staff like Velvet, and she says it is the residents themselves that keep her happy.

Velvet has two grown daughters and 3 grandchildren.  She loves being a grandmother and she loves mentoring the young employees she works with.  She says the Anna staff are just a big family and she is happy to go the extra miles to help them and to take care of the residents.

Thank you, Velvet, for doing such an excellent job.  Thank you for helping others.

Integrity Healthcare of Anna

It is so important to maintain partnerships in our communities.  Church groups, clubs and organizations, schools and local businesses often visit our facility and share with our residents.  RendlemanOrchards has long been one of those partners.  Thank you for your many donations over the years.  The residents love pumpkins!

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