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anna-administrator“We are all on this ship together. We can all do the least we can and not lose our jobs and our ship will be the Titanic. Or, we can all work together, work smarter, and support one another, and make our ship a popular cruise ship,” says Derick Cummins, BS, LNHA,  the Administrator of Integrity Healthcare of Anna. Derick has spent nearly two decades working in the healthcare industry, and he has spent that career giving credit to his team for their accomplishments.

Integrity Healthcare of Anna is backset with a wooded tree line, but is located in a well-groomed residential neighborhood within a half mile of three churches. The downtown business district is less than a mile away from the facility and supports a community that, like many rural towns, is tight knit. People know each other and families support those who need assistance. It would be difficult to employ a staff person who wasn’t known in the community, and that is a very good thing!  Resident families appreciate the fact that friends are taking care of their loved ones. That is Care You Can Trust!

When visitors enter Integrity Healthcare of Anna, they first see well-groomed flower beds and then a seasonally decorated front porch complete with window boxes! Residents enjoy a covered patio, a bird aviary and weekly church services. The dining room is the gathering place, and it is common to see groups of residents enjoying coffee and snacks, watching television or participating in the newspaper club each morning. A care team that behaves like one big happy family is what makes Integrity Healthcare of Anna special. We Are Integrity.

Integrity Healthcare of Anna is a 70-bed Skilled Nursing Facility

Zoom_Option1Integrity Healthcare of Anna is a 70-bed Skilled Nursing Facility that offers a full continuum of services and provides patient centered care … Care You Can Trust.  The pretty brown brick ranch style building is easily accessible for visitors who can park right by the front door.  Pretty flower beds and a covered front porch complete with window flower boxes provide a great location for gathering.  A covered patio and deck are under new construction and will give residents a beautiful location for spring, summer and fall activities.

Our building includes a friendly visiting area for families, who often spend time watching television and talking.  We have a well-equipped rehabilitation gym, a perfect place for to initiate ZOOM, our accelerated therapy program. Our licensed therapists are excellent and work diligently with our residents.

Our staff are dedicated to providing excellent care, and they are committed to providing an impeccably clean home environment. Our maintenance and housekeeping crew buffs, waxes and polishes on a daily basis … while our nursing team closely attends each resident’s needs and makes certain that care plans are monitored, followed and revised when appropriate.

janethesterJanet Hester, Director of Nursing, is one of those dedicated employees who help keep Derick’s ship upright! Janet has enjoyed a extensive career in long-term care which includes having served as director of nursing in area hospitals and skilled nursing homes. She also has served as the swing bed director and EMS director at local hospitals. She is one of those “locals” who currently serves as mayor of Belknap – just as her father did.                                                                                                                                                                  

Janet’s leadership style is similar to her administrator’s. She believes in hiring people who choose to get the job done the right way.  When she says, “these are my residents” with emphasis on the word “my” – it is time to listen!  Janet watches over the residents in the same loving and caring style she would watch over her own family of four daughters and three grandchildren.


Thank you, Janet, for your compassionate wisdom and leadership!

Integrity Healthcare of Anna



Shatina Nelson began working at Integrity Healthcare of Anna a little over a year ago.  When she came back right after Christmas, after taking family leave time, she came back with a new baby (her second!) and a new promotion! Shatina is our new Supervisor of Laundry and Housekeeping.  The entire leadership team interviewed Shatina two times and happily promoted her.  Shatina does a great job, and she has a wonderful personality that just shines!  She has a good relationship with co-workers and a loving, compassionate relationship with your loved ones. Shatina sets an example by doing things the right way!


We like to reward good employees at Integrity Healthcare of Anna. If a supervisor catches an employee doing something above and beyond the call of duty … they take them right to the office! Then they get to spin the drum and draw a ticket for prizes ranging from lottery tickets to $25 gift cards.

Torie Carter recognized Yolanda Ortiz and Yolanda won a gift card to Chili’s Grill & Bar! Way to go, Yolanda!

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