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One of the first questions a family member asks when working to place a loved one in a nursing home is, “Is the food good?”  At Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale, we can answer that question with a yes, yes, yes!  Integrity Healthcare Communities take pride in providing excellent food service and the quality of the food is just one factor. Nutrition is the primary factor.  Our care plans include close review of our residents’ dietary needs, and that review is done on an individual basis.  If a resident needs to gain weight or lose weight, adjustments are made to their dietary consumption.  We feed and nourish bodies, and we feed and nourish emotional spirits, too!

There are so many in our care who have wonderful memories of comfort food!  Biscuits and sausage gravy, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, pot roast, chicken and dumplings and scores of other foods that make our mouths water just to think about them … bring back important memories.  Our residents get to help choose our menu, and we pay attention when they ask for special treats!

You are always welcomed to drop by and visit your loved one and share a meal with them.  We’d love to have you dine with us!

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ZOOM! Revved Up Rehab

ZOOM!  Revved Up Rehab is our special accelerated rehabilitation program.  When we have residents who come in after surgery, a stroke or another traumatic experience … we can put them on the fast track and get them back home quickly.  Our licensed therapists offer physical, occupational and speech therapy.  They evaluate each patient and set goals and work diligently to reach, or better yet … surpass those goals!  We always hate to say “good bye”, but we know our residents want to go back home!  Staff are shown here, celebrating the roll out of the new branding of this program.

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