Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale – Location

Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale is located in a residential neighborhood, but is easily accessible from all directions. Carbondale is a culturally diverse community, filled with plenty of churches, performing arts activities and shopping opportunities. As a result, residents benefit from a variety of in-house entertainment activities and church services. Outings into the broader community are easily arranged.

Our Carbondale facility is under renovation. Currently the lobby gives a glimpse of what is ‘coming soon’ throughout the building. The beautiful new furnishings, lighting, wall and floor coverings and window treatments add a new contemporary freshness to this building that has served area residents for some time.

The staff at Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale function as a big happy family, and the residents blend in as the most important members of the family. No task is too big, too hard … or too small.  Everybody works together to get the job done!

Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale

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