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Activities Calendar

Please make sure you take a look at our calendar of daily activities and special events!

Make sure you click the event or “see more” to see the detailed list of activities each day.  You might want to plan a special visit around a special event.  We enjoy having lots of visitors for our daily activities. You’ll enjoy the music, games, crafts, movies … and you are always invited to share a meal with us.  Watch the calendar and make sure you schedule plenty of time to come by. We post our special family events on Facebook, so make sure you follow us!

Integrity Healthcare of Herrin


Visit at mealtime and help deliver your loved one’s meal tray to their table. They might eat more!VISITING

Visit at the time of activities and encourage your family member’s participation.

Take a favorite book along on your visit and read to your family member.

Write letters or note cards for your loved one. Help them stay in contact with their friends and family. Carry in letters or cards written to them, too.  Help them read those! 

If you take videos of children’s sports activities or school performances, take your computer or iPad on your visit and share that video!

Take along a favorite board game and play with your loved one.                                                                                                                                 

Take a puzzle that you can complete in the length of your visit.

Music is stimulating, so take your iPod or a CD player and play some favorite songs.

If you have a child to take along, take craft projects that all of you can do. Painting sun catchers or stringing bead necklaces would be appropriate.

Use technology to connect with family members.  Take your laptop and Skype so your loved one can have a real time conversation with another family member!

Paint fingernails, brush hair or give hand massages to men and women.

Take your family member on a walk through the facility or outside, and talk about the things you see. Take time to visit the flower beds, bird cage or other focal points.

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