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herrin chair 3-- x 700It is the green season for mowing grass and trimming shrubs! It won’t be long until we begin to rake leaves, too!

We are doing lots of yard work these days!  We are also paying close attention to the value of our outdoor setting because we know how much our residents love to spend time in the fresh air!

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, gardens are back in style and are now being prominently featured in the designs of new hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We already knew this!  We have the space.  We have the plantings, and now we just need to make the patient experience much more enjoyable.

We treasure our sunlight and the fragrance of fresh flowers and lush greenery. We know how exciting it is to watch plants grow from little green specks sticking out of the garden beds into beautiful flowers. These things give our residents a connection to nature. The stillness of the outdoors relieves stress. The softness of plants can help reduce anxiety.

We know that our green space is healing.  Our courtyard and covered patio is a fantastic place for outdoor activities! Our front porch is the perfect place to rock and smell the sweet petunias!  Providing these green space opportunities is an important part of our Care You Can Trust!

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Integrity Healthcare of Herrin has transitioned to a beautifully decorated facility, which houses those suffering from memory deficit related disease processes. Local artist, Christine Deshazo, created customized murals depicting cozy cottages in friendly neighborhoods, scenes of lake shores, vistas of sprawling farms and vintage trains … all to assist our residents find their way.

We provide trusted memory care with 24-hour supervision and round-the-clock services specific to the needs of those with memory deficits and other related illnesses. Our Administrator and Director of Nursing are Certified Dementia Practitioners.  All the staff at IHC Herrin have had extensive training regarding dementia care including these topics:

  • Signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia
  • Behaviors related to the person’s needs and environment
  • What providing a safe environment means for a person with dementia
  • How to communicate with a person with dementia
  • Ability centered care
  • Promoting dignity, independence, and choice
  • Medical and social needs
  • Assessing resident capabilities
  • Planning and facilitating activities
  • Communication with families

When your loved one is no longer safe in their home or when their care-giver is at risk, it is time to seek the structure provided by Treasures of Time.  

Don’t feel guilty. Just contact us.

When living at home is no longer an option,

Integrity Healthcare of Herrin and

 our Treasures of Time programming are the answers you need. 

We are Integrity. We are Care You Can Trust.


When Integrity Healthcare Communities rolled out new branding for ZOOM Revved Up Rehab, we knew every facility would have wonderful success stories to tell.  IHC of Herrin is well known for providing excellent care, and the facility has now become well known for providing excellent short-term stays for accelerated rehab. Just read these two stories and you’ll know why families have grown to depend upon IHC of Herrin when their loved ones need rehabilitation after an accident, after surgery or after a stroke.



“Tears of joy were shed today as we said goodbye to this wonderful couple. In December 2016, they were involved in a horrible car crash. Their lives, and their dog’s life, were spared but they were left unable to walk or do anything for themselves. They were totally dependent on our staff for care. Mrs. Conaway states that it was a bit rough here in the beginning but not for very long. The staff was there for each and every need they had and they did it with a smile on their face! After a few months of our “Zoom” therapy program, they are able to walk and return home with family. We are able to hold on to the great memories the staff and the Conaway’s share, and it pleases us to know we did our part in helping this wonderful couple return to the community. Now that’s Integrity!! That’s the way we do things at Integrity Healthcare of Herrin!”



“Mr. Ervin is the perfect example of success! He has been in and out of nursing homes for 5+ years. When he transferred to us almost two years ago, he was in a Geri-chair and dependent on staff for everything except eating. He thought that being a double amputee, this (nursing home) was as good as it gets. I am pleased to say that with motivation from the staff and therapy, Mr. Ervin is able to do so much more for himself that he is able to move into his own apartment at the lovely Prairie Living Assisted Living. It was a bitter sweet event as he felt it was “unreal” and would soon wake up from a dream. After getting situated in his new home he stated, “There is a difference between existing and living. Now, with the help of you all, I’m going to LIVE!” Best of luck and good wishes to Mr. Ervin and his new life.”

Integrity Healthcare of Herrin


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At IHC of Herrin, our focus on food is more than just the nutritional value.  Of course, that is most important, but we also want to make sure that our meals look good and tastegood!

Each of our residents is evaluated, and their nutritional needs are taken into consideration as their diets are designed.  If they lose weight, we want to know why and the care team determines the reasons … and then adjusts their dietary needs.  If they gain too much weight, our team is on that, too!  Healthy diets are the most important, but because we know that folks can be lured to the dining room by the aromas of foods simmering on the stove … we focus on that, too!

Most people ‘eat with their eyes’ before they ever take a bite of food. A bright orange carrot or red strawberry is more appealing than over-cooked peas!  Red and green peppers shining through our Asian Beef entices most folks to want a bite!  Glossy buttery sauces make everything look better and taste better!

At IHC of Herrin, our Dietary staff put their special homemade touch to our meals. That is an important part of providing Care You Can Trust!

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