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I Win! I Win!

At Integrity Healthcare of Marion, staff are dedicated to engaging residents in a variety of daily activities.  These ladies are enjoying a morning card party!

There are several reasons to encourage our elderly loved ones to play card games like bridge, canasta, rummy or solitaire. Cognitive stimulation from a card game might help the brain create new cells.  When our brain is working well, our body can be stimulated to boost the immune system.  Games that require concentration, using math and memory skills are the best.

If you think growing older means growing out of stressful times, think again! Aging bodies have difficulty regulating stress hormones, so elderly people actually experience higher doses of these hormones, and that leads to high blood pressure.  Playing a calm game of cards may help encourage relaxation.

Most all of us enjoy visiting with friends. As we grow older we need lots of experiences that help us eliminate depression.  No loneliness is allowed at Integrity Healthcare of Marion! We keep our residents involved in activities and opportunities to make new friends and socialize!  Card parties are high on our priority list!



Happily Ever After

happy coupleIntegrity Healthcare of Marion recently celebrated the marriage of two of our residents, Georgia Ferrell and William Martin! The couple met at Integrity and soon fell in love. Georgia also celebrated her 75th birthday on her wedding day. Many family and friends attended the ceremony and the reception. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. William Martin!

Support from Local Businesses

IMG_6917Look at these great vintage decorations welcoming visitors to our facility!  A local antique store owner created this display to welcome visitors as we welcome SPRING!

Integrity Healthcare of Marion

marion rehabIMG_7802We are proud of our newly decorated therapy gym!  Fresh paint makes a huge difference.  Our residents enjoy the refreshed surroundings
as they work to reach their goals in their therapy program. Some are involved in ZOOM, our accelerated therapy program. Some of our “rehab to home” success stories recently visited the facility when we had a special ZOOM DAY PARTY!

Families are often faced with the life-changing challenges that  come after a loved one has experienced trauma.  Surgeries, auto accidents, falls, strokes, heart attacks or the debilitating effects of cancer … all leave patients with the need to reduce pain while they rebuild strength and mobility.  ZOOM! puts that process on the fast track.

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