Katie Zoomed Through her Rehab!

Katherine “Katie” Shockley was born with Cerebral Palsy. When she was young her doctors told her parents that Katie would never walk, drive, get married, have children or be able to work. Over the years with hard work and determination she has held a full time job with the government for 35 years, married and had two children and now has many grandchildren. Recently Katie fractured her hip, required rehabilitation and chose Integrity Healthcare of Columbia for her recovery. Katie received Physical and Occupational Therapy focusing on her upper and lower body strengthening, safety measures and regaining her independence. Katie entered Integrity Healthcare of Columbia dependent on staff for all of her activities of daily living, which was not her regular level of functioning. After receiving therapy in-house 5 to 6 days per week and 24 hour skilled nursing care, Katie is now ready to move into her independent living apartment. This setting requires Katie to be independent therefore she must be able to perform all of her own care. Select Therapy Services who worked with her in Integrity of Columbia was able to perform a safety evaluation at Katie’s new home, and her therapist will follow her through her adjustment to her new level of independence. We at Integrity Healthcare of Columbia are very proud of Katie’s success and were privileged to be a part of her recovery process. Katie said her goodbyes to the staff and stated, “If I ever need help again I will be back here … everyone here was so good to me and I will sure miss them.” Congratulations Katie!

**This post was provided by the Administrator of Integrity Healthcare of Columbia, Stephanie Birch, LNHA