Integrity in Action

When I asked Kellee Laminack how things were going, she immediately told me about her six-month old son, Waylon!  “He’s the cutest, sweetest, smartest little thing,” she reported to me!

Kellee didn’t start our conversation by telling me that her mother’s house had burned down the past weekend, or that she had lost everything for her new home because it was being stored at her mother’s house.  That is just the kind of young woman she is.  That is why she fits in so well with the employees at Integrity Healthcare of Anna, lovingly called by the Administrator “Team Anna”!

The Valedictorian of her Dongola High School graduating class, Kellee actually started taking college courses when she was just 15 and still in High School.  She finished the CNA program at Shawnee Community College and had Waylon at the same time!  She started her job at our Anna facility and a month later, while she and her husband and baby were spending their first night in their new home, her parents’ house burned down.  Fortunately, nobody was injured, but everything both families had was gone in the flames.

The next morning, the text messages and emails were rapidly moving from member to member of Team Anna and the donations started pouring in.  In addition to cash, the group of co-workers collected necessities for all the members of the extended family impacted by this tragedy.

“I just don’t have words to describe what they did for us. I cannot even explain how I feel. I’ve only been working there for a month, and they came through and helped me in so many ways,” was Kellee’s reaction.  She said she’d never been through anything like this before, and she was so grateful for her Integrity family and for the whole community.

Little Baby Waylon is living in his new house with is parents … and his grandparents are staying in a camper right now.  They are getting ready to start moving debris, so they can build again.

Kellee Laminack is in the right place!  Integrity Healthcare of Anna is filled with employees who love their jobs, care deeply about the loved ones who live there … and care just as deeply about one another.

Integrity Healthcare Communities carries the word “Integrity” in its name for a reason. We are honesty.  We are sincerity. We are morally principled.  We are Care You Can Trust … and Team Anna has shown us how to live the definition of Integrity!


Kellee is just about to finish all her general studies courses in college and then she’ll begin studying for her LPN degree!  Seems like nothing will stop Baby Waylon’s mama as she works to secure a fabulous future for her young family.


Debbie Moore, Regional Director of Business Development for Integrity Healthcare Communities