Thursday Thoughts – Feeding the Birds!

Congratulations to Integrity Healthcare of Alton for creating a special project that helps bridge the cold winter days to SPRINGTIME! Our residents love their big patio and shade trees. They love the sidewalk in the front of the building. The landscaping makes them feel like they are in a park. Wintertime, though, prevents them from spending as much time outdoors as they’d like, so the Activities Team hosted a project that will get the residents to spend more time looking out the windows and watching the birds! Springtime will come, and they will return to their outdoor activities, but for now, they will enjoy watching the birds!

The residents made these beautiful bird feeders. They used pieces of collectible glassware, china cups and saucers and Gorilla Glue! The feeders have been placed in strategic spots, so residents can view them through the windows. The staff will make sure the feeders are always filled with bird seed and all will hope that the squirrels don’t steal the goods!

Spending time outdoors is important for our senior population. Sunshine adds a little Vitamin D to our systems. A short walk in the sunshine is helpful in lots of ways. It always helps us feel more energized.

Spending time outdoors improves our emotional health. Nature is soothing. Sitting outside can reduce anxiety and stress. Nature is healing. Smelling flowers and hearing sounds and watching wildlife keeps our senses working and produces pleasant feelings. When we cannot spend time outside because of the temperatures, watching the birds is a special part of our Care You Can Trust!