Thursday Thoughts – What is a Home?

I grew up in a house that my carpenter daddy built! My siblings and I frequently laugh about the fact that we were really crammed in that little house, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way!  Daddy built the house, but we were all involved in making it a home.

What is the meaning of the word home? To many, there is an emotional meaning. It is place where we not only live, but where we grow and thrive.  To others, it is a place of comfort, where we read books, play games with children and eat good food.  We can all agree that a home is more than a structure. It is a place filled with love and memories.

What happens when it is time to leave our homes and move to a nursing facility? Families are in crisis mode at that point. Sons and daughters debate the need and the location. Grandchildren regret the loss of a place where they were adored and spoiled. The very words, “nursing home”, sound institutional and make us sad.

That is exactly why we are Integrity Healthcare Communities.  We focus the design and décor in our facilities on the true meaning of “home”.  We encourage our families to decorate their loved one’s room in ways that make it warm and friendly.  We want the transition from their long-time home to be as comfortable as possible.

“Long-term care” is certainly what we provide, but we prefer to use the phrase “Care You Can Trust”.  Phrases can generate feelings of fear or feelings of hope.  We provide hope.  Our staff are dedicated to the people in their charge.  They go well beyond expectations to make certain your loved ones are cared for in the best possible ways.

Our nursing care is excellent. Activities are filled with games, music and colorful craft projects!  We know that we are never too old to learn new things, so we discuss current events and offer educational activities. Book clubs, card clubs and cooking classes are a part of our daily schedules. Our décor reflects the changing seasons. Dietary Managers provide comfort food meals that are often requested! Groups of children visit our communities frequently.  Religious services are provided on a regular basis. Pets are therapeutic, and we welcome their visits!

Integrity Healthcare Communities provide real homes.  Care You Can Trust!

Debbie Moore, Regional Director of Business Development

Photo provided by Integrity Healthcare of Columbia