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Integrity Healthcare of Belleville is a premier provider of behavioral health services. This facility provides skilled nursing services for individuals with the diagnosis of a mental illness disorder. We provide long and short-term stays. Families who need a break from providing at-home care for their loved ones can arrange respite services in Integrity Healthcare of Belleville.  We strive to meet the physical, medical and emotional needs of our residents.

Life is a journey.  Integrity Healthcare of Belleville has implemented a brand new and very unique recovery plan for our residents. We don’t want our residents to stay with us forever. We want to help them make the right turns on their journeys. We want to help them find a route that will include teaching them all the life skills they need to return to a more independent home in the community.

We want to provide them with the very best psychosocial services, so their journey includes plenty of interaction with friends and family, and so their journey includes the ability to get along in a workplace and social settings.

A special part of our facility has been designated to house the training programs focusing on transitioning to the community. We have a kitchen. We have a washer and dryer. We teach meal planning and cooking, and we teach our residents to do their own laundry. We teach our residents money management and medication management. We teach our residents how to use a computer, and we go on outings where they can become familiar with the local public transportation bus route.  When we can’t meet training needs, we are pleased to have created partnerships with other agencies that provide the services our residents may need.

We are dedicated to preparing our residents to leave us, as they continue their       Journey of Hope is Care You Can Trust.

TaKenya Ward, DdonON, RN, BSN began her career as a Nursing Assistant in a facility for Developmentally Disabled patients.  She loved caring for others, and that is what inspired to pursue her certification as a Nursing Assistant. TaKenya became an LPN working on an Alzheimer’s Unit and pursued her RN, BSN degree. TaKenya has experience in Risk Management, Geriatrics, and ICU.

Thank you, TaKenya for all the great things you do for the residents at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville!

Alex Mann, joined Integrity Healthcare of Belleville as the Assistant Administrator/ Social Services Director, and he is now the facility’s Administrator.  Alex has been working in long term care for over 13 years.  He started as a teenager as a Resident’s Assistant in the Nursing  Department.  He also served as a Dietary Aide and Cook, worked in the Laundry and Housekeeping Department.  Alex continued his services and became a CNA. His Healthcare experience includes having served as a CNA Shift Coordinator, and Social Services Assistant. He combines real world experience and his education, as he works with his team to improve the quality of care at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville.  They work diligently to provide Care You Can Trust.

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