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dee deeA 30-year career that began as a CNA and advanced to an LPN and includes experience in residential substance abuse treatment, geriatrics, psychiatric care and risk management makes Dee Dee Garcia, LNHA the perfect Administrator for Integrity Healthcare of Belleville.  Dee Dee’s leadership style is all about team work and when she needs to be out on the floor working with her team, that is where you will find her. She likes to have her hands in the work, and she leads and teaches by example.

Integrity Healthcare of Belleville is a behavioral health facility and is located in a residential community. Children from the daycare located behind the facility often visit and help provide the residents with inter-generational programming. “Everybody loves those visits,” says Dee Dee.

This facility was honored to receive the VOHRA Wound Physicians Center of Excellence for Wound Management Award. The facility has a wound care physician who visits weekly to work with a dedicated wound care nurse, Kari Pinkerton, RN, BSN.

The staff at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville provide Care You Can Trust.

belleville zach and ladies

It takes teamwork to build a happy Integrity Community! These staff members work very well together, and they are committed to creating excellent programs for our residents.

Isabella Harris, PRSC loves helping people.  She has one daughter and she is a dedicated parent.  She is also dedicated to making the group therapy programs that she runs … very successful. She is accomplishing that, because the residents assigned to her groups haven’t missed one session since she started them.  Isabella has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources management and a second Master’s in Professional Counseling.

Michelle McMath, PRSC is a busy woman!  She is working on her Master’s Degree in Healthcare management and she has a family, so at the end of her workday, she is off to class! Michelle is a CNA, has Alzheimer’s and Dementia Certification and holds HIPPA certification. She believes that “failure is not an option” and her motto spreads through this entire team!

Zachary Kelley SSD/AA is married with a family of 2 cats and a dog!  Zachary has completed training in Subpart S/Skills Training Group Services. Zach spent some time in the Navy and he says he learned the value of integrity, teamwork and leadership skills.  He met his wife when he was stationed in Maryland.  Zach grew up in Mt. Olive (Illinois) and he worked as the Social Services Director at Integrity Healthcare of Godfrey, before accepting his position at IHC Belleville. He says he enjoys his rewarding work of helping other people.

This team understands Integrity!  They work diligently to provide Care You Can Trust.

TaKenya Ward, DdonON, RN, BSN began her career as a Nursing Assistant in a facility for Developmentally Disabled patients.  She loved caring for others, and that is what inspired to pursue her certification as a Nursing Assistant. TaKenya became an LPN working on an Alzheimer’s Unit and pursued her RN, BSN degree. TaKenya has experience in Risk Management, Geriatrics, and ICU.

Thank you, TaKenya for all the great things you do for the residents at Integrity Healthcare of Belleville!

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