Thursday Thoughts – Move Over Grand Kids!

“Move over, grand kids … I gotta Wii.”  For years, these words have been spoken in households all across America!  When grandparents find out how much fun it is to bowl or play tennis using Nintendo’s Wii simulation game, they take over the family room!

The love of Wii has grown in several Integrity Healthcare Communities, too!  Therapy and Activities Departments are equipped with this wonderful game device and they can provide experiences that our residents might not be physically able to have anymore!  Daily exercise is an important part of our care plans, and our teams work together to make sure we get everybody moving!  Wheelchair-bound residents have a more difficult time getting adequate exercise, so introducing them to Wii is a fantastic experience.

Physical and Occupational Therapy isn’t always fun.  It takes daily determination and strength. Patients must work hard accomplishing their goals, and sometimes making improvement is a slow boring process.  Who wouldn’t want to return to their younger, healthier days and play a game of tennis, go bowling or play golf?

There are many case studies that reflect the positive impact of Wii games with our geriatric population.  While you don’t have to stand to play all the games, some patients love the experience so much that they begin to stand and eventually stand for longer periods of time.  When our residents remain seated and play Wii, they are still moving their upper bodies and building strength.  All the games stimulate hand-eye coordination, and the concentration on repetitive motions involved in the games may help our brains relearn certain movements.

Making Wii a part of our everyday stimulation for residents may seem a little unconventional, but Wii is not one of those video games often attributed with turning kids into couch potatoes!  In the world of eldercare, Wii has become a much-loved method of engaging groups in physical exercise.  We can add beverages and snacks and quickly turn                       Wii-habilitation into Wii-entertainment!

We are Integrity!  We Are Care You Can Trust!  We like Wii!