Life is a Journey

Life is a journey.  We travel ups and downs and winding roads as we experience the journey. Most of us learn to take one day at a time.  Some of us don’t.

Integrity Healthcare of Belleville has implemented a brand new and very unique recovery plan for our residents.  We provide excellent behavior health services, but we’ve added something really special.

Journey of Hope programming is designed to help our residents make the necessary adjustments and make all the right turns in their journey.  We want them to find a route that will include teaching them all the life skills they need to return to a more independent home in the community.  We provide them with the best psychosocial services, so their journey includes plenty of interaction with friends and family, and so their journey includes the ability to get along in a workplace or social settings.

We don’t want them to stay with us forever.  We create a specific plan for each resident and happily transition them to the community, when the time comes.

Daytona Smith spent a few months with us.  Ms. Smith told us that she was thankful that our staff worked closely with her and really gave her another chance at life.  She said our staff went “above and beyond” to help her, when she needed help.  When she returned to the community, she told us she would miss our staff, but would stay in touch.

Ms. Smith made huge improvements with us. She learned lots of new household skills and decorated her own room, making it the nicest room on the Journey of Hope unit. She came to us with computer skills, but we were able to help her go out into the community and socialize and communicate with people.  We helped her with her job search and worked with her on socializing in the workplace environment.  We helped her search for an apartment.

We are dedicated to preparing our residents to leave us, so they make all the right turns as they continue their Journey of Hope.   We are Integrity!  We provide Care You Can Trust.