Thursday Thoughts About Mama’s Nails

Mama loved her manicures! She did her own!  She taught her daughters and her granddaughters the techniques of painting nails with long even strokes of the tiny brush. She taught them how to take care of their cuticles and how to shape the length of their nails. She taught them the significance of using creams and soaks to keep their hands soft and pretty.

It should be no surprise that when choosing a nursing home for Mama, her daughters made certain that manicures were a part of the weekly routine of the Activities Department! They confirmed that the beauty salon was available and that Mama would be able to keep her hair and hands in beautiful shape.

There are lots of reasons why the staff in Integrity Healthcare Communities make certain that manicures are a part of weekly activities.  Take a look at our calendars and you’ll see “Pretty Nails” or “Manicures & Massages” as the names of these special functions.  Sometimes the residents come to a central location for this activity. In other facilities, staff go to the individual’s room.  The important thing is that the service is provided.

Manicures are more than nail polish in pretty colors. Nails are trimmed and filed so the ends are smooth and healthy, so folks don’t accidently scratch themselves (or another). Hands are soaked and massaged and while that is a way to also keep skin smooth and healthy, the feeling of being gently touched is powerful.  Touch is calming and relaxing. Touch may lower stress and blood pressure levels.

Being pampered; feeling pretty; enjoying the engagement with other people; all make your family member know they are loved. Their self-esteem is still important, even at an older age, and we work hard to provide that important Care You Can Trust!  Pictured is Shirley, at Integrity Healthcare of Columbia, on manicure day!  Shirley believes in the importance of Integrity. Shirley is one of us, and … We are Integrity!