What is the Story of Your Life?

National Skilled Nursing Care Week

2018 Observance Dates: May 13-19, 2018

Established by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) in 1967 and always beginning on Mother’s Day, National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, provides an opportunity to recognize the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

The 2018 NSNCW theme announced by AHCA, “Celebrating Life’s Stories”, serves as a tribute to life’s most significant events, relationships and experiences that shape the unique perspectives of residents, families, staff, and volunteers in long term and post-acute care.

Integrity Healthcare Communities will celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week by hosting a week-long series of special events … in eleven facilities!  Most will begin on Sunday with balloon lifts or receptions, and the excitement will continue for several days!  Storytelling will be a big part of what our communities will do and the results will be incredible!

I already know some of these stories!  My friend, Mick, in Integrity Healthcare of Carbondale tells me about the day I was born!  Genuinely.  He was in the second grade with my older brother, when ‘baby sister’ arrived!  He tells lots of stories, but he tells me ‘my story’ almost every time I see him!

Mr. Malcomb lived in Integrity Healthcare of Anna.  He was a fantastic musician.  He came back from World War II and started a dance band!  He had played in a military band and he knew he could work a tri-state area and have a career in music.

Then, there is Ms. Ruth, who was a Director of Nursing in one of our facilities and lives with us now!  Ms. Ritter told me that she knows Santa is real, because she has kissed him every single year!  Bob told me about graduating from college and Mary told me all about her gigantic front porch where the family had parties when she was a child.  Rose Went to church every Sunday throughout her entire life and still attends services.  Ms. K was a nurse for 27 years … no … 27 and one-half years!

Mrs. Betty, at Integrity Healthcare of Columbia told me all about her father.  “He could build anything” and one day he went outside to gather some sticks.  He turned those sticks into a beautiful
Christmas Nativity scene, which she continues to treasure.

I identify with Mrs. Betty because my father could build anything!  He was also a fantastic storyteller and most of what he built turned into a great story. Children selling garden produce from a goat-pulled wagon, built by Daddy continues to be a story told in the old neighborhood!  My college professor daughter teaches other teachers how to incorporate storytelling into their classrooms.  I tell stories, and I love to share the stories of others.

Focusing on nostalgia and practicing Reminiscence Therapy is a big part of the care we provide at all our Integrity Healthcare Communities.  When our residents begin to feel that they are of little value; when depression sets in; it is time to focus on all the things that made them the special people that they are today.  It is time to remind them of the hundreds of lives they have touched, throughout their own lives. Their children, grandchildren, students, neighbors … every person they have known has been impacted in a positive way by the stories lived … and retold by our loved ones.

I am … who I am … because of my daddy’s “Celebration of Life’s Stories”!   Who are you?


Debbie Moore, Regional Director of Business Development